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I moved to NY a few weeks ago. I am now eligible for Medicaid (woohoo, no more $800/month health insurance premiums!). I put in my application 2 weeks ago or so, and was told that I am now "Medicaid pending."

The woman who initially interviewed me said that I could go to any doctor covered by Medicaid during this stage. However, I just talked to my case worker, who says that the only place I can go is the ER. I need to see a doctor, but NOTHING is worth going to the ER, unless I am so close to death that I can't tell where I am. :P

Due to the extreme unhelpfulness of the DSS here, I have no one to call who can tell me if there's anywhere I can go besides the ER, or even who's covered by Medicaid around here. The impression I've gotten is that I can go to a doctor who's covered under Medicaid, and that once I "officially" get Medicaid, they will pay the doctor--what I was told is that this applies to any medical expenses incurred for 3 months before the application is turned in, but no one said much about the time period after turning in the application but pre-Medicaid.

I currently have the flu. I also have several chronic illnesses. I need to get in to see at least one doctor, and relatively soon. I'm not sure what I can/should do.

If you're familiar with the Medicaid process and have any suggestions for me, please respond! It would be especially helpful if you happen to live in Westchester County, NY; but I'll take any advice I can get.

Thanks so much--I really appreciate it!

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