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New Zine #2: FEMA turns away charities/trucks wanting to deliver water to people with no plumbing

Dear friends of pauper,

I am happy to say that due to the support of so many fellow livejournal users, I have just created issue #2 of my new zine (independent magazine).  This issue talks about the following issues: FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts; African People's Solidarity Committee Statement on Hurricane Katrina; Campus Activism Administration’s Agreement Regarding Classism and Racism; Building Progressive Infrastructure:   Taking Friendster and MySpace Down - Building a Noncommercial Non-Sexist, Non-Racist Alternative – by Aaron Kreider, founder of Campus Activism, with responses by many, many livejournal users over the last three days.

It is only 20 pages long. Please print them out and place them in your home, activist group, local co-ops, local coffee shops, collectives, libraries and other places. In this first issue I included 18 pages, so that you can create your own page 20 (add your agreements, disagreements with this publication, add a flyer for your activist project, your activist group, your distro etc.,) and then publish this publication as a 20 page booklet on the front and back of 5 sheets of 11” x 17” (or 279 x 432 mm) paper.

There are a lot of privileged (progressive and conservative) people who would like to censor, ignore and sweep it all under the rug, including all the increasing ongoing injustices regarding Hurricane Katrina, but with your help we can make certain that the issue is not censored until those suffering most receive justice!  For those unaware, FEMA has recently turned away charities who want to deliver water to women and children in NOLO with no pumbling.

I am currently accepting submissions for issue #3. The submission process is on the zine. Thank you!

Love for the people,

-love and equality


On either of these websites or you will find two issue #1 and issue #2 of my zine.  Special thanks to everyone who who spoke up in solidarity and kindness, your supportive and positive comments are appreciated!  The longer that Hurricane victims suffer, the more that privileged people on and off the internet want to ignore those who are suffering (and they will come up with every excuse to do it).  Thank you :o)

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