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New International Resource Network With Unlimited Feminist Resources

New International Resource Network With Unlimited Feminist Resources

A World of Peace - A World of Peace is an international not-for-proft organization offering the newest networking resources to all feminist activists and writers worldwide. The newest four features are:

A.) Free Photoclassifieds, which includes a "Writing, Music and Art" category for feminists buying, selling or swapping their writing or fundraisers for their activist groups. All photoclassifieds can remain up for 90 days, you can then automatically renew them up to 5 times and they have an email anonymizer (keeps emails private). This feature enables you to submit a text or photo-classified announcement about your project or about your desire to create a project and it enables people to send you emails without them ever seeing your email address. To go there, visit the below website and click on 'post to photo-classifieds.' After clicking that link, you will then see the 'peace communities' section.

B.) Search over 11 million blogs (which will help you find people interested in your feminist blog by searching for your keywords.

C.) Add your link to the links page (with unlimited details of your website, blog, email list, zine, etc.,)

D.) Add your activist event, or new project realease date to the worldwide community calendar (no registration).

E.) Bulletin boards and search feature for forums such as a sexism forum, film, DIY forums, cohousing, ecovillage, intentional communities and over 50 other discussion forums (no registration). Other resources on the website include over fifty activist network tools, an activist search engine, and many more resources.  Mirror website: or Main website:

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