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A Crazy Budget Begins [21 Jun 2012|08:37pm]

My name is Michael Leach. I am a compulsive spender, who goes through money as though I have an infinite supply of it, just lying around. I will spend money on absolutely anything, without even batting an eye. And, I have decided that it is time for a change. It is time to do something drastic, to break myself of the 'urge to splurge'. So, I have come up with an insane goal, that I am sure will be a nightmare to do. From July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013, there is a total of 365 days...One whole year. And, in this year, I will give myself a strict budget. I will allow myself a grand total of $365.00, for the entire year, to spend on frivolous purchases. And, I will blog about my adventures, as I work my way through this crazy one year goal.
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My new Apartment [13 May 2012|08:23pm]


Take a tour

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Healthy Fast Food Options [22 Jun 2008|12:07am]

You don't have to sabotage your diet just because you're on the run.

In fact, most fast food chains have added healthier options to their menus in just the past few years. Fast food menu's now provide salads, wraps, a number of other "healthy" options.

Whenever you are eating on the go, look for grilled chicken sandwiches or salads with low-fat dressings. To save some additional calories, go for water instead of the soft drink. You'd be surprised how many calories you will save simply by following these two guidelines.

Listed below are some healthy options you can make at your favorite fast food restaurants:


English Muffin: 140 calories, 4 grams of protein, and only 2 grams of fat

McDonald's Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait with Granola: 160 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 31 grams of carbohydrates

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad: 100 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 17 grams of protein. Choose one of the fat free or reduced fat dressings.


Subway is one of the best fast food options when you are looking for something quick and healthy. They offer a variety of healthier options. If you want to reduce the calories and the fat, hold the mayo.

6-inch Turkey Breast: 254 calories, 16 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fat

6-inch Veggie Delight: 200 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 11 grams of fat

6-inch Roast Beef: 264 calories, 18 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fat

6-inch Roasted Chicken Breast: 311 calories, 25 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fat

6-inch Subway Club: 294 calories, 22 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fat


Best Choice: Caesar Side Salad

Without dressing or croutons, this salad contains 70 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein. You can use the Fat Free French dressing, which will only add 80 calories to your meal.

Your next best bet is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which has 300 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 24 grams of protein.


Martha's Vineyard Salad: This salad is packed with greens, grilled chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, diced apples, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, tomatoes, and raspberry vinaigrette. It is certainly one of Arby's healthiest options with 276 calories, 26 grams of protein, 24 grams of carbs, and only 8 grams of fat.

About the Author: Kim Roach is the health reporter at HealthyEveryday.com, where you can discover the
benefits of flaxseed and CoQ10.

Good link dunkin donuts
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Southern Cooking CDs - Cookbook Alternatives [15 Jun 2008|07:07am]

Down south, southern cooking is the center of interest and plays a pivotal role in most functions and activities. Did you realize that it was several centuries ago when southern cooking came into existence? Believe it or not, Southerners treasured their cooking back then, and treasure it even more today.

Southern cooking has even traced its history. Unlike cooking activity in any other place, it is different. Even some of the most well-known personalities in history, such as Thomas Jefferson and Leonardo d'Vinci, are also involved in the history of southern cooking.

There are several manifestations of idiosyncrasy in southern cooking. According to some historians, it derives from slavery and poverty. With so many things to cling on to about southern cooking, the bottom line is always to know its essence to the Southerners. The exceptional foods that they have make them known to the world.

If you are really interested to know more about the secrets behind the recipes and the common dishes prepared by the Southerners, there is a way for you to find this information. It is only in the southern cooking CDs where their secrets will be revealed.

Southern cooking CDs is a collection of recipes and detailed instructions about Southerners dishes. One very interesting fact about the CD is that these are derived from well-known and reliable resources. It is also combined with tips from expert cooks and chefs in the South.

You can now have the New Southern Cookbook and Regional Recipe Collection CD all in one. You will definitely not regret purchasing one because these contain not only hundreds, but also even thousands of distinctive home and commercial recipes suited for any occasion in your household.

The recipes that you find here will turn your heart out. You cannot ask for more. Every detail is provided for you. You will be provided with information that you want from the simple ingredients down to the dressing and the presentation of the foods.

There is no need for you to worry if you know nothing about cooking but you have the heart for it. With the Southern Cooking CD, it is made easier and even more convenient for you.

As long as you know how to follow instructions presented in the CD, you will be able to cook like a true Southerner. You can prepare the food as if you are an expert. Nobody will believe that you are able to serve that kind of food having a such great savor and taste.

The CD is also really helpful for those people who find it difficult to search for recipes on the Internet and in cookbooks . With just a press on your CD player, you will have the chance to watch and listen to everything and follow right along.

It also offers other advantages over typical cookbooks that most people are fond of buying. The price of CDs is usually less expensive. It is almost just a fraction of the price for a cookbook. Imagine, you are learning at the same time you are able to watch how the recipes are being applied over your television.

If everything is simply a dream for you before, make it realistic now with the southern cooking CDs . For certain, your family members will be amazed with the effort that you exerted in cooking their favorite food. They will not even know that your key to that is the southern cooking CD.

About the Author: John Purdy operates websites dedicated to southern cooking and cooking supplies like chef aprons. For access to cooking resources, visit .southern-cooking.net and .chef-aprons.net

Good page. best recipes: chocolate turtle cheesecake
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Getting Started Making your own Beer - The Fundamentals of Homebrewing [13 Jun 2008|02:07am]

It is no secret that Americans now demand more quality from their beer than ever before. While the large beer brewers and distributors still hold a hefty percentage of the American beer market share, there has been a marked increase in the amount of microbrew and imported beer consumption in the last decade and a half. The early nineteen nineties saw a meteoric rise in the popularity of micro and home brewed beers and, while the growth has slackened somewhat, these custom brews still continue to gain in popularity as American consumers develop more sophisticated beer palates.

Those who are interested in trying their hand at brewing their own beer are often surprised to learn how easy and inexpensive it is to get started. An initial investment of a couple of hundred dollars is all that is required to purchase the necessary homebrew equipment along with the ingredients for the first batch. Many homebrew supply shops sell kits that contain all of the necessary supplies along with enough ingredients to get started.

Before talking about the process of brewing your own beer, it is necessary to introduce the basic equipment. While different kits will come with different supplies, a complete kit should feature at least the following crucial pieces of equipment. The most basic tool required for homebrewing is the brewing kettle. This is a large kettle that is typically constructed from stainless steel that serves to create the wort (the unfermented slurry that contains all of the ingredients except for the yeast). The brewing kettle should be large enough to accommodate both the water and other ingredients as well as to account for bubbling that can occur during the brewing process. A general rule of thumb is to purchase a brewing kettle that can hold at least double the amount of beer you are attempting to brew. Next, any beer kit should contain a fermenting container. This container will serve to hold the brew while the yeast does its job. It should be transparent or semi-transparent so that the brewer can monitor the fermentation process. The fermenting container should be accompanied by an airlock, which is a one-way flow device that lets gases escape the fermenting container without allowing impurities to enter. Another necessary device is a hydrometer. This is a small probe that measures the specific gravity of your wort during and after the fermentation process. Since the homebrew process involves both boiling and cooling steps, it is necessary to have a good liquid thermometer that can measure from approximately sixty degrees Fahrenheit to two hundred and twelve Fahrenheit (the boiling point of water). Many kits come with specialized cleansers that serve to sterilize all of the homebrew equipment. However, a mixture of water and bleach can do the job just as well if your kit does not provide such a cleanser. Finally, any complete homebrew kit should contain a racking cane, associated tubing, and a racking bucket--these devices serve to transfer the fermented beer into a temporary staging base just prior to bottling. Many kits do not include bottles, caps, and a capper, but you will need all of these devices to transfer your homebrew from the racking bucket to your bottles.

Now that you have an understanding of the basic equipment that is required to make your own homebrew, it is time to discuss the brewing process a bit. Please note that this article does not attempt to provide a complete homebrewing guide--rather, it serves to describe the technique at a high level to give you the basic knowledge necessary to start researching on your own.

The homebrewing process can be broken down into four basic steps. The first step is sanitization. Indeed, sanitization is a necessary step before any of the other phases of the brewing process can begin and the overall brewing process will contain a sanitization step before any new container or device is introduced. Since many microorganisms thrive on the ingredients that are in the wort, it is necessary to sanitize all equipment to ensure that only the yeast makes its way into the brew. While these other microorganisms are not harmful to your health, their presence can destroy your beer. Many kits come with sanitizers, but a solution of hot water and bleach works just as well. It is important to thoroughly rinse the sanitized device before use since the sanitizing agents are also harmful to yeast. The next step is the brewing process itself--this involves mixing your malt extracts, hops, and other ingredients with water in your brewing kettle and bringing the solution to a boil. This step requires continuous oversight since the wort has a tendency to boil over. The next step is to add the wort to the fermenting container along with more water and the yeast. It is now time to let the yeast do their job, so simply store the fermenting container in a cool, dark place for a week to ten days. After that time, the homebrew is ready to be bottled. After a period of aging (typically around one month) your homebrew will be ready to enjoy!

Homebrewing is a great hobby for the true beer aficionado. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of enjoying and sharing your own homebrew. Homebrewing is quite popular, so there are many places, both online and in the real world, that you can go to seek advice and share experiences.

About the Author: Mark Daoust is the owner of BrewingKB ( .brewingkb.com ) - a place for home brewing enthusiasts to share tips, tricks, recipes, and more.

Good site - liquor store
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Need some help [19 Mar 2007|12:23pm]

A friend of mine is a single mom. She's getting no help from the father. Her mother is literally mentally unstable and fairly poor and her dad's kicked her out. She's in an apartment, but can't pay next month's rent. She doesn't have a job, still in a highschool for single mom's. And she's 18. Can you guys help me where she can get financial aid of some kind NOW and in the future? Oh and she lives in NJ, USA.
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[26 Feb 2007|09:19pm]


After years and years of drinking Coca-Cola products i want to recycle them for cash. I know they are only worth 5 cents a can but now i dont know which states recycle for cash. 
Have any of you done this? did you get alot of money? how many cans of coke products did you recycle? 

thanks so much!

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[15 Oct 2006|08:22pm]

Bisquick type mixes
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DELL Campus Reps Needed [08 Oct 2006|09:49pm]

Dell Campus Reps Needed

Company Dell
Application Due Date Ongoing

Want to earn great hourly pay while managing your own schedule and earn amazing resume experience with one of the world’s top companies? Apply today to be a Dell student representative. Selected students will join an already functioning marketing rep team on campus to promote the Dell University program to students and administration.

By developing a unique marketing plan to suit each campus environment, student rep teams will be able to promote the Dell University program in the most effective way possible. Campus representatives are expected to work a few hours each week on their own schedule. A large focus will be placed on activities for summer orientations and back-to-school promotions. Responsibilities include implementing marketing tactics such as working with student groups, putting up posters, handing out flyers, managing on-campus events, generating PR, and networking with relevant contacts to get your campus buzzing about Dell University. Each Dell Campus Representative team will interact with Dell Management and other teams all over the country through a web based community portal. They will also work closely with their local Dell account executive.

Campus Reps will be provided with substantial training as well as a Dell notebook for use for the duration of their time with the program. In addition to an hourly rate of $12 and hour, successful teams will be eligible to win monthly incentive prizes such as TVs, headphones and DJ accessories.

We are looking for students that are enthusiastic, creative, and motivated to be a Dell Campus Representative over the course of one calendar year. Do you have what it takes to represent Dell on your campus? Apply now! Include your contact information, a personal resume, and tell us why we should select you. If it seems like you’d be a good fit, we’ll contact you shortly thereafter for a phone interview and more information.

These are participating schools:

Ball State University
Cal State LA
CUNY John Jay
CUNY Kingsborough
East Carolina University
Eastern Washington University
George Washington University
Howard University
Pasadena City College
Southern New Hampshire
University of Houston
University of Utah
Virginia Commonwealth
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[08 Aug 2006|01:32pm]

If I had questions about SSI, would this be a good place to ask? If not, can you reccommend a community?

You should also check out craigslist.org. People from all over the world post things that they don't want anymore and they are usually in good condition.

Here's an example of Fresno, CA: http://fresno.craigslist.org/zip/

To find your area, go to www.craigslist.org and narrow it down on the right side by clicking on your state or country. :)
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Just thought I'd introduce myself. [28 May 2006|03:03pm]

Hey, new member here. I live in Australia. I'm 18 & i've been renting for three years. I don't have a job as I'm a full time university student.
Is there anyone else here from Australia? What countries are represented here?
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Are you a financially challenged New Yorker? [28 Feb 2006|12:17am]

If so, please come join poor_in_ny. Once we've got enough members, it should be a valuable resource for all of us. :)

(x-posted in a few relevant places)

Edited to add: poor_in_ny is for all New York state residents, not just for New York City.
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[27 Feb 2006|02:14pm]

Hi. I'm new to the community, but I have a serious question to ask. Take a look behind the cut for it.

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[03 Feb 2006|03:00pm]

I moved to NY a few weeks ago. I am now eligible for Medicaid (woohoo, no more $800/month health insurance premiums!). I put in my application 2 weeks ago or so, and was told that I am now "Medicaid pending."

The woman who initially interviewed me said that I could go to any doctor covered by Medicaid during this stage. However, I just talked to my case worker, who says that the only place I can go is the ER. I need to see a doctor, but NOTHING is worth going to the ER, unless I am so close to death that I can't tell where I am. :P

Due to the extreme unhelpfulness of the DSS here, I have no one to call who can tell me if there's anywhere I can go besides the ER, or even who's covered by Medicaid around here. The impression I've gotten is that I can go to a doctor who's covered under Medicaid, and that once I "officially" get Medicaid, they will pay the doctor--what I was told is that this applies to any medical expenses incurred for 3 months before the application is turned in, but no one said much about the time period after turning in the application but pre-Medicaid.

I currently have the flu. I also have several chronic illnesses. I need to get in to see at least one doctor, and relatively soon. I'm not sure what I can/should do.

If you're familiar with the Medicaid process and have any suggestions for me, please respond! It would be especially helpful if you happen to live in Westchester County, NY; but I'll take any advice I can get.

Thanks so much--I really appreciate it!

(x-posted in a few relevant communities)
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New Zine #2: FEMA turns away charities/trucks wanting to deliver water to people with no plumbing [13 Oct 2005|07:45am]


Dear friends of pauper,

I am happy to say that due to the support of so many fellow livejournal users, I have just created issue #2 of my new zine (independent magazine).  This issue talks about the following issues: FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts; African People's Solidarity Committee Statement on Hurricane Katrina; Campus Activism Administration’s Agreement Regarding Classism and Racism; Building Progressive Infrastructure:   Taking Friendster and MySpace Down - Building a Noncommercial Non-Sexist, Non-Racist Alternative – by Aaron Kreider, founder of Campus Activism, with responses by many, many livejournal users over the last three days.

It is only 20 pages long. Please print them out and place them in your home, activist group, local co-ops, local coffee shops, collectives, libraries and other places. In this first issue I included 18 pages, so that you can create your own page 20 (add your agreements, disagreements with this publication, add a flyer for your activist project, your activist group, your distro etc.,) and then publish this publication as a 20 page booklet on the front and back of 5 sheets of 11” x 17” (or 279 x 432 mm) paper.

There are a lot of privileged (progressive and conservative) people who would like to censor, ignore and sweep it all under the rug, including all the increasing ongoing injustices regarding Hurricane Katrina, but with your help we can make certain that the issue is not censored until those suffering most receive justice!  For those unaware, FEMA has recently turned away charities who want to deliver water to women and children in NOLO with no pumbling.

I am currently accepting submissions for issue #3. The submission process is on the zine. Thank you!

Love for the people,

-love and equality


On either of these websites http://www.opensource.dsame.com or http://www.campusactivism.org/displayresource-487.htm you will find two issue #1 and issue #2 of my zine.  Special thanks to everyone who who spoke up in solidarity and kindness, your supportive and positive comments are appreciated!  The longer that Hurricane victims suffer, the more that privileged people on and off the internet want to ignore those who are suffering (and they will come up with every excuse to do it).  Thank you :o)

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New Orleans: Leaving the Poor Behind Again! [11 Oct 2005|10:49pm]


New Orleans:  Leaving the Poor Behind Again!

 By Bill Quigley.  Bill is a professor of law at
Loyola University New Orleans where he directs the
Gillis Long Poverty Law Center and the Law Clinic and
teaches Law and Poverty.  Bill can be reached at

They are doing it again!  My wife and I spent five
days and four nights in a hospital in New Orleans
after Hurricane Katrina.  We saw people floating dead
in the water.  We watched people die waiting for
evacuation to places with food, water, and
electricity.  We were rescued by boat and waited for
an open pickup truck to take us and dozens of others
on a rainy drive to the underpass where thousands of
others waited for a bus ride to who knows where.  You
saw the people left behind.  The poor, the sick, the
disabled, the prisoners, the low-wage workers of New
Orleans, were all left behind in the evacuation.  Now
that New Orleans is re-opening for some, the same
people are being left behind again.

 When those in power close the public schools, close
public housing, fire people from their jobs, refuse to
provide access to affordable public healthcare, and
close off all avenues for justice, it is not necessary
to erect a sign outside of New Orleans saying “Poor
People Not Allowed To Return.”  People cannot come
back in these circumstances and that is exactly what
is happening. 

 There are 28,000 people still living in shelters in
Louisiana.  There are 38,000 public housing apartments
in New Orleans, many in good physical condition.  None
have been reopened. The National Low Income Housing
Coalition estimated that 112,000 low-income homes in
New Orleans were damaged by the hurricane.  Yet,
local, state and federal authorities are not committed
to re-opening public housing.  Louisiana Congressman
Richard Baker (R-LA) said, after the hurricane, “We
finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans.  We
couldn’t do it, but God did.”   

 New Orleans public schools enrolled about 60,000
children before the hurricane.   The school board
president now estimates that no schools on the city’s
east bank, where the overwhelming majority of  people
live, will reopen this academic school year.  Every
one of the 13 public schools on the mostly-dry west
bank of New Orleans was changed into charter schools
in an afternoon meeting a few days ago.  A member of
the Louisiana state board of education estimated that
at most 10,000 students will attend public schools in
New Orleans this academic year.

 The City of New Orleans laid off 3,000 workers.  The
public school system laid off thousands of its
workers.  The Archdiocese of New Orleans laid off 800
workers from its central staff and countless hundreds
of others from its parish schools.  The Housing
Authority has laid off its workers.   The St. Bernard
Sheriff’s Office laid off half of its workers. 

 Renters in New Orleans are returning to find their
furniture on the street and strangers living in their
apartments at higher rents – despite an order by the
Governor that no one can be evicted before October 25.
  Rent in the dry areas have doubled and tripled. 

 Environmental chemist Wilma Subra cautions that earth
and air in the New Orleans area appear to be heavily
polluted with heavy metal and organic contaminants
from more than 40 oil spills and extensive mold.  The
people, Subra stated, are subject to “double insult –
the chemical insult from the sludge and biological
insult from the mold.” Homes built on the Agriculture
Street landfill – a federal toxic site – stewed for
weeks in floodwaters.

 Yet, the future of Charity Hospital of New Orleans,
the primary place for free comprehensive medical care
in the state of Louisiana, is under furious debate and
discussion and may never re-open again.  Right now,
free public healthcare is being provided by volunteers
at grassroots free clinics like Common Ground – a
wonderful and much needed effort but not a substitute
for public healthcare. 

 The jails and prisons are full and staying full.
Despite orders to release prisoners, state and local
corrections officials are not releasing them unless
someone can transport them out of town.  Lawyers have
to file lawsuits to force authorities to release
people from prison who have already served all of
their sentences!  Judges are setting $100,000 bonds
for people who steal beer out of a vacant house, while
landlords break the law with impunity.   People
arrested before and after the hurricane have not even
been formally charged by the prosecutor.  Because the
evidence room is under water, part of the police force
is discredited, and witnesses are scattered around the
country, everyone knows few will ever see a trial, yet
timid judges are reluctant to follow the constitution
and laws and release them on reasonable bond.

 People are making serious money in this hurricane but
not the working and poor people who built and
maintained New Orleans.  President Bush lifted the
requirement that jobs re-building the Gulf Coast pay a
living wage.  The Small Business Administration has
received 1.6 million disaster loan applications and
has approved 9 in Louisiana.  A US Senator reported
that maintenance workers at the Superdome are being
replaced by out of town workers who will work for less
money and no benefits.  He also reported that
seventy-five Louisiana electricians at the Naval Air
Station are being replaced by workers from Kellogg
Brown and Root – a subsidiary of Halliburton

Take it to the courts, you say?   The Louisiana
Supreme Court has been closed since the hurricane and
is not due to re-open until at least October 25, 2005.
 While Texas and Mississippi have enacted special
rules to allow out of state lawyers to come and help
people out, the Louisiana Supreme court has not.
Nearly every person victimized by the hurricane has a
price-gouging story.  Yet, the Louisiana Attorney
General has filed exactly one suit for price-gouging –
against a campground.   Likewise, the US attorney has
prosecuted 3 people for wrongfully seeking $2000 FEMA

No schools.  No low-income apartments.  No jobs.  No
healthcare.  No justice.

A final example?  You can fly on a plane into New
Orleans, but you cannot take a bus.  Greyhound does
not service New Orleans at this time.
 You saw the people who were left behind last time. 
The same people are being left behind all over again.
You raised hell about the people left behind last
time.  Please do it again.

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New Paper & Online Zine Seeks Submissions for iss#2: "Open Source Classism, Racism & Sexism Project" [10 Oct 2005|05:58am]


New Paper & Online Zine Seeks Submissions for iss#2: "Open Source Classism, Racism & Sexism Project"

Dear friends,

On this website http://www.opensource.dsame.com you will find two versions of issue #1 of my new zine.

It is a 100% not-for-profit publication titled: "The Open Source Classism, Racism, and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, The Blogosphere And Corporate Media... "White People Find, Black People Loot."

It is only 20 pages long.  Please print them out and place them in your home, activist group, local co-ops, local coffee shops, collectives, libraries and other places. In this first issue I included 18 pages, so that you can create your own page 19 and page 20 (add your agreements, disagreements with this publication, add a flyer for your activist project, your activist group, your distro etc.,) and then publish this publication as a 20 page booklet on the front and back of 5 sheets of 11” x 17” (or 279 x 432 mm) paper.

There are a lot of priviledged (progressive and conservative) people who would like to censor, ignore and sweep it all under the rug, including all the ongoing injustices regarding Hurricane Katrina, but with your help we can make certain that the issue is not censored until those suffering most receive justice!  

Issue #1 is found on the website, and is only a rough draft, but I am currently accepting submissions for issue #2.  The submission process is on the website.  Thank you!

Love for the people,

-love and equality - One Love Brothers and Sisters  :o)


Special thanks to everyone who who was supportive of this issue with love and positive comments!  thank you  :o)

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New International Resource Network With Unlimited Feminist Resources [08 Oct 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

New International Resource Network With Unlimited Feminist Resources

A World of Peace - A World of Peace is an international not-for-proft organization offering the newest networking resources to all feminist activists and writers worldwide. The newest four features are:

A.) Free Photoclassifieds, which includes a "Writing, Music and Art" category for feminists buying, selling or swapping their writing or fundraisers for their activist groups. All photoclassifieds can remain up for 90 days, you can then automatically renew them up to 5 times and they have an email anonymizer (keeps emails private). This feature enables you to submit a text or photo-classified announcement about your project or about your desire to create a project and it enables people to send you emails without them ever seeing your email address. To go there, visit the below website and click on 'post to photo-classifieds.' After clicking that link, you will then see the 'peace communities' section.

B.) Search over 11 million blogs (which will help you find people interested in your feminist blog by searching for your keywords.

C.) Add your link to the links page (with unlimited details of your website, blog, email list, zine, etc.,)

D.) Add your activist event, or new project realease date to the worldwide community calendar (no registration).

E.) Bulletin boards and search feature for forums such as a sexism forum, film, DIY forums, cohousing, ecovillage, intentional communities and over 50 other discussion forums (no registration). Other resources on the website include over fifty activist network tools, an activist search engine, and many more resources.  Mirror website: http://www.dsame.com/aworldofpeace.html or Main website:  http://www.aworldofpeace.org

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Use humor, rather than political debates to make your point [28 Sep 2005|03:03am]

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to change a light bulb?
A: hmm
Q: dunno
A: how many
Q: A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its condition is improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are illusional spin from the liberal media. Illuminating rooms is hard work. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effort. Why do you hate freedom?
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INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, STATEMENT ON HURRICANE KATRINA: September 11, 2005 [27 Sep 2005|04:54am]


The below statement, in it's entire unabridged form was originally found, at the link below: 
or you can read it, unabridged, and comment on it in my livejournal by clicking here.


September 11, 2005

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence is stunned by the catastrophe and tragic loss in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In New Orleans and in many other communities along the Gulf, people are experiencing unimaginable devastating conditions. We are especially alarmed for the people who have the fewest resources, who were unable to evacuate New Orleans because of poverty, who were – and in some cases still are - trapped without food, water, and medical attention. Because of racism and classism, these people are also overwhelming folks of color, and because of sexism, they are overwhelmingly women of color - low income and poor women, single mothers, pregnant women, women with disabilities... [abridged]

That said, we’d like to take this opportunity to express our deep outrage at the federal government’s shamefully slow and pathetic response to this disaster. It is clear that the lack of rapid and effective response is based on a racist assessment of the value of the 150,000 mostly Black and poor people - a disproportionate number of whom are women - left behind in New Orleans. Further, INCITE! lays the blame of this disaster squarely at the feet of the U.S. government and particularly with George W. Bush for the following reasons:

The Bush Administration’s willful denial of the existence of global warming has kept this country from taking seriously global warming’s dangerous consequences, one of which is an increase in the severity of hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina, for example, began as a relatively small hurricane off south Florida, but...[abridged]

Bush’s illegal, imperialist, and racist war on and occupation of Iraq - ironically, to enable consumption of more oil, aggravating global warming - as well as tax cuts to wealthy Americans, directly pulled resources away from levee construction and emergency management in New Orleans, as well as from... [abridged]

It is unconscionable that, while thousands of people are suffering from horrible and deadly circumstances, the media continues to harp on the so-called “looting” in New Orleans. The constant media coverage of so-called “criminal behavior” instead of the outrageous and criminal lack of response from the federal government is racist and disgraceful [abridged]

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