Nicholas (doni_dyke01) wrote in pauper,

Hi. I'm new to the community, but I have a serious question to ask. Take a look behind the cut for it.

Okay, I still live at home, and my mother's on welfare, but I want to get a job (or start earning money by legal means). I really don't want to mess up her benifits, but I really need this money for things. Are there any loopholes in NY that would apply?


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If she is not getting welfare FOR you (you're not a minor) you can file as a separate household. Any amount of food stamps coming in for you will no longer come in (unless you qualify on your own). You would not be allowed to eat any food purchased with your mom's food stamps, and there would have to be agreements in writing how your money affects things such as bills etc. Your mom's payments are probably calculated based on her bills.
Thank you.